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The third book in the Friday Night's Dream series by Nick Newberry, FND: DARK CLOVER, will be available 

early in June 2017 - pre-order your copy now!

We are pleased to announce that the second book of the children's series 'Friday Night's Dream: The Transfer Vial'

was published in December 2015 by Aviator Publishing.


The first book in the series, Wyckerton, has a new cover for the second edition

Wyckerton, like many cities, is a wonderful place to live, but if you are a resident you will also be magic. Blissfully unaware non-magics come and go during the day hours, but an ancient charm on the city ensures that only witches and wizards are able to stay after six o'clock. After Alfie - a young, wiry boy with an eye for detail - discovers he is magic and moves into his friend's bed and breakfast within the city, he gets whisked up into normal days and magic nights and soon prefers spells to spelling, travelling via broom to geographical maps and wizard history to world history. Yet the art of potion making certainly comes in handy for chemistry. To develop his skills, he helps out a friendly shopkeeper in exchange for a little magical guidance. But do not be fooled into thinking Wyckerton is perfect; dark wizards live there too, as Alfie knows only too well. Along the route of his potion deliveries, Alfie discovers a sinister plot that may bring dark magic too close for comfort and has to use his skills as a wizard and a detective to keep his friends safe. Will he succeed before the inevitable happens? Friday Night's Dream: Wyckerton is a magical work of children's fiction that will appeal to children aged from eight to twelve.

Available From All Major Booksellers from May 2014

ISBN:  978-1780885735

The second book in the FND series...


Friday Night's Dream: THE TRANSFER VIAL

Is Dark Magic invading Wyckerton? Alfie has to solve another mystery.

Alfie can’t wait to begin his second year in the magical city of Wyckerton. He plans to blend in with the non-magics during the day, but adorn his cloak and fly his broomstick throughout the magical nights. 

However, strange events are occurring in the B&B, close friends are being attacked and talk of Mervyn, the most evil wizard in history, is increasing for the first time in centuries. Alfie must, once again, use his skills as a wizard and as a detective to piece together the clues…

Available From All Major Booksellers in December 2015

ISBN:  978-0993424601

The third book in the FND series...

Cover Image Coming Soon!

Friday Night's Dream: DARK CLOVER

Dragons are real. Alfie knows because he came face-to-face with one during his summer holiday. Arriving back in the charmed city of Wyckerton to start his third year as a wizard, Alfie’s detective skills are immediately presented with a mystery by his best friend, Derek, who thinks he has discovered another suspicious object. They agree to track it down and deal with it.

When Alfie unpacks his luggage he uncovers a map, he doesn’t know how it got there or where it will lead. He soon learns that he has been chosen to unravel another mystery.

Threatened by Dark wizards at every turn, Alfie tests his skill as a wizard as he struggles to outwit them with the help of his friends...

Available From All Major Booksellers from JUNE 2017

ISBN: 978-0993424625



Kate and Victoria by Olivia Vine.

Coming Soon.

How long would a ghost wait for the right person?